Zippo Wick

Zippo Wick, Lighters & Matches,    - Outdoor Kuwait
Zippo Wick, Lighters & Matches,    - Outdoor Kuwait

Zippo Wick

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Zippo’s genuine wick will keep your windproof lighter working at optimum performance. Comes in a sealed packaged.

  • 1 wick per package
  • Fits all Zippo windproof lighters
  • Measurements: 100mm (4 inches)

Replacing the wick

  • Replace when the wick in your Zippo windproof lighter becomes black from carbon
  • To replace the wick pull the wick up with pliers until clean wick appears
  • Cut it off even with top of chimney and straighten the wick in the chimney

Trimming the Wick:

Step 1

Trimming the Wick

First, gently pull up the wick using tweezers or pliers until the clean wick appears. Pull from as far down as possible to avoid ripping the wick. 

Step 2

Trimming the wick

Using scissors or wire cutters trim the wick. This should be performed once or twice per year for optimal performance. After 2-3 trimmings the wick should be replaced.

How to Replace the Flint:

Step 1

Step 1

First, remove all components from the bottom of the lighter insert; flint screw, felt pad, packing material, and the old wick. 

Step 2

Step 2

To replace the wick, insert a new wick either downward through the chimney or through the bottom of the lighter insert. 

Step 3

Step 3

Next, bend the top portion of the wick over the chimney to hold it on place during assembly.

Step 4

Step 4

Then, carefully reinstall the packing material in the same order it was taken out. As you are reinstalling in small pieces weave the wick between the padding in an 'S' pattern.

Step 5

Step 5

Reinstall the felt pads over the flint tube and secure it with the flint spring. Be sure the flint does not fall out during this process.

Step 6

Step 6

Once your components are reinstalled put the insert back into the case and trim the wick. The lighter is ready to go.

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