8 Beach Buddies That Will Take Your Day To Another Level

Apr 05 , 2022

Rauzat Hashim

8 Beach Buddies That Will Take Your Day To Another Level

It is the perfect weather for it to be a beach day with friends or family, but do you want to take your ordinary day at the beach to a whole new level?

We have a list jotted down for you that you seriously can’t miss out on to have a great time. Are you ready to have the most satisfying day off from normal life? These items listed below will certainly make sure of it.


We all love to be barefoot on the beach to feel the soft sand and the warm water, and all this feels like a great fantasy until a sharp stone pricks your sole.

That’s where Skinners come in.

Skinners will

Activate your foot muscles 
Protect your feet from stones, pebbles and even objects like glass
Easily roll and fit in your pockets
Let you be barefoot without actually being barefoot

Get your pair of Skinners that are made of eco friendly materials so you can enjoy its benefits absolutely guilt free.

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Lifeventure Tropical Recycled SoftFibre Trek Towel

After a relaxing and comfortable swim in the sea water, no one likes to stay drenched in water while all the sand sticks to the body.

This SoftFibre towel absorbs 9 times its own weight in water and dries 8 times faster than any ordinary towel.

 This will help you stay dry and clean as soon as you are done with your swim. All thanks to the Polygiene permanent odor control, as soon as it dries (which is really soon), it can be stored back in your bag smelling fresh. 

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A good quality pair of sunglasses play a major role on a beach trip. The UV sun rays might not just be harmful to the skin, but it even has the potential to damage your eyes. 

Besides protecting your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, it also helps you see better. They improve the contrast in your vision and lets you enjoy your day safely. 

Moreover, it’s a super stylish accessory so GO FOR IT!


Any exposure to sun directly could be dangerous, especially during peak hours. It is extremely essential for you to invest in quality sunscreen that suits your skin. 

Things to remember 

 Sunscreen should be above SPF 30 

Reapply every 2 hours to cover the missed spots

Both light and dark skinned people need to use sunscreen

Lifeventure TiV Vacuum Flask - 1000 ml

If you are spending the day at the beach, then you’ll definitely be outdoors all day, but don’t you forget to stay hydrated.

Unfortunately, the sea water isn’t really drinkable, so make sure you carry your own drinking water.

This thermally induced vacuum flask will keep your water cool for 24 hours so you can stay hydrated all day without worrying about your water boiling due to the hot sun.

The stainless steel cover can be used as a cup and the screw-in feature will help avoid any spills.

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Lifeventure ECO Packable Duffle - 70L

A day at the beach with family means a lot of stuff to carry.

When it’s time to wrap up, you have almost twice the stuff like swimsuits, trash, swimming accessories, leftover food and much more.  That’s how this packable duffle is your knight in shining armor.

This is a portable bag that packs down neatly into a small pack pocket that you can carry literally anywhere with you. It is lightweight and will save you a lot of space before using it

When unpacked, the duffel can carry 70 L of stuff and can easily transform into a backpack as well. 

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Outlery Travel Cutlery Set

Eating when you are outdoors makes it tempting to get the disposable cutlery which you can easily use and throw. But did you know that using plastic cutlery is not only unhygienic but also badly affects our planet earth?

The Outlery Travel Cutlery Set is made of stainless steel. It is perfect to carry for your outdoor trips as they are collapsible and can fit in a tiny box.

The case includes 1x fork, 1x spoon and 1x knife. Just eat, wipe with a wet napkin and collapse it to fit in its tiny case so you can enjoy your meal hygienically without polluting the environment.

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Ledlenser P7R Core Rechargeable Torch

Post sunset beach time can get a little boring when you can’t see much in the dark,

The Ledlenser P7R Core Rechargeable torch offers exceptional power. It is protected against dust and can also be used underwater for a short time. 

You can continue building those sand castles now even without sunlight!

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There it is, a list of all the essentials to have a super relaxed and comfortable day at the beach. Make sure you add these items in your next shopping checklist. Let’s get packing!!

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