Guide To Choosing Your Cooking Grill

Mar 03 , 2022

Rauzat Hashim

Guide To Choosing Your Cooking Grill

Camping is about spending time with family, befriending nature, and enjoying the mouth-watering aroma of freshly grilled food. The speciality of a camping trip lies in cooking while surrounded by nature and loved ones around you.

But are you fearing cooking outdoors could be messy and a big-time hassle?

Then continue reading because we are sharing with you 3 kinds of cooking companions that will save you the mess so you can pick the one that suit your requirements.

Each griller has different specifications. Let's help you find out which one is the right one for you!


Campingmoon MT-3 Foldable BBQ Grill with Carrying Bag - Large

How big is your camping family? Is it about 4-5 people? Then this griller is “THE ONE” for you!

The sturdy stainless steel griller avoids any kind of rust and distortion. It is so durable that will last you for years to come.

The height of the griller is adjustable, which will make it so convenient for you to grill, whether you grill while sitting or standing.

Moreover, it is so easy to carry so you can even grill your camping group a delicious meal without it being heavy on the pocket.

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CADAC Carri Chef 50 BBQ/Dome

Have you made new friends? Don’t worry, you’re still sorted. This CADAC griller has a large cooking surface of about 46 cm, enough to cook for about 6-8 persons.

The piezo ignition helps to control the temperature, the GreenGrill coating ensures healthier cooking and the integrated heat spreader makes sure your food is cooked to perfection.

Easy to assemble and easy to wash which makes it convenient for you to use it either at home or outdoors. It might seem a bit on the pricier end to you, but it is worth it given the features it includes.

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    Solo Stove Grill Ultimate Bundle


    Cooking outdoors, especially when surrounded by friends and family, is most fun when it’s done together.

    Introducing, the ultimate griller which will make your cooking sessions super fun and interactive that your entire group can enjoy together.

    Includes griller, grill tools, grill stand, grill shelter and everything you need, that is easy to wash, carry and assemble for a great cooking experience.

    So basically, it is less mess, less wait, and unlimited fun!

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    Now you know exactly which one of these is the most suitable for your camping trip. No more wasting time trying to select the right one as you are now well aware of the features of each griller.

    Wondering where to get other cooking equipment to compliment your griller?

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